Search Electoral Roll offer your personal details for sale

if you don’t like it, the man behind the site holds you to ransom


Are you a UK voter who opted-out of the edited version of the UK Electoral Roll?

Did you think that by opting out of the edited or open Electoral Roll your data, held by your County Council, would be safe?

Did you think that the Data Protection Act would protect you?

Did you think that opting-out would spare you from the misery of unwanted spam and junk mail?

Think again.

I received an alert, which informed me that without my consent, my personal details had appeared for sale on a web site. My County Council confirmed that I had always opted-out of the edited Electoral Roll Register, which is sold to business etc.

My County Council Electoral Roll Officer urged me to make a formal Complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office or ICO and to request the removal of my personal details (my name and address) from the website.
Do not release any information to Search Electoral Roll
The web site in question is entitled Search Electoral Roll. If you demand your details be removed from sale on the web site, it demands that you must pay £10 (releasing both your banking details and your email address for reselling) – I call that a scam!

As an equally unattractive option, it demands you must release sensitive documents including your passport, driving license or birth certificate (again for reselling) – this is a sophisticated form of phishing! It is holding you the public to ransom.
Search Electoral Roll says it demands your personal documents and date of birth to enable it to verify your identity. How?

Your date of birth does not appear on the Electoral Roll.

What does Search Electoral Roll really want your date of birth for?

What does Search Electoral Roll want to do with it?

In a package your name, address and date of birth raises substantially the monetary value of your personal details making them more attractive to resell to business, but your personal details can also be used to commit fraud and identity theft. Can you be sure it is safe to release your personal details to Search Electoral Roll?
According to Search Electoral Roll,

“If you are employed in a sensitive role for example police or social worker, please provide a formal work email so we can exactly authenticate your employment. We do this because people often claim to be a police officer etc. to obtain a record removal by misrepresentation.”

If you are a police officer or employed in any sensitive role, can you be sure it is safe to release your personal details to Search Electoral Roll, a web site that offers your personal information for sale.

Think again.

What happens to addresses confirmed as the homes of police personnel?

Would the confirmation of your home address to someone who sells personal details be a security risk both to yourself and most importantly to your family?

Who would want to buy such sensitive information?

Identification of police officers home addresses is a threat to National Security.

In the hands of criminals and terrorists, police officers home addresses could prove extremely valuable information and extremely tempting to sell.

If I were a serving police officer then I would seek to investigate Search Electoral Roll and all of its associated web sites.

Check if your personal details are for sale and where to complain

If you have opted-out of the edited or open version of the UK Electoral Roll

Visit Search Electoral Roll and if you find your personal details are for sale, be sure to clear your browser cache of cookies directly upon leaving the web site. Complain to your local County Council electoral roll officer and ask them to confirm that you have opted-out of the open roll.

Make a formal complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office or ICO and seek the removal of your personal details from Search Electoral Roll.

ICO web site address: https://ico.org.uk
ICO email address: casework@ico.org.uk
UK Electoral Roll Registration
How can the public be sure their personal details will not be abused?

How can people employed in sensitive roles be sure their personal details will not be abused?

Search Electoral Roll and its many related sites (see below) provide strong evidence why some people eligible to vote in the UK do not register to vote.

The public cannot be sure their personal details will not be abused.

It is a valid reason why no part of the UK Electoral Roll should be offered for sale.
Who is behind Search Electoral Roll?

For your further information:

Hurst has been busy; I have provided a short list (below) of some of the many web sites similar to the aims of Search Electoral Roll. My list is by no means exhaustive.

Web sites run by Hurst

Before you enter any web site that you believe may be run by Hurst, copy the web address, go to WHOIS, paste the name of the web site in the panel provided, click search and all will be revealed.

Hurst’s web sites may be registered in his own name or he may use the title of one of his companies such as Intelligent Tracing Limited. He uses the addresses Hallbridge Gardens (or an old address) Forton Avenue both located in Bolton Lancashire.

How to make a complaint to Hurst

If you wish to complain about Hurst’s activities directly, why not write to his registered business address:

30 Hallbridge Gardens, Bolton Lancashire BL1 8UT

I must warn you Hurst does not handle customer complaints very well.

Journalist Andrew Rosthorn paid him a visit on my behalf and this his story:

List of sites related to Search Electoral Roll